TN-120 Full-automatic glue labeling machine

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Round Bottle Labeling Machine

Описание продукции

TN - 120 type automatic labeling machine using fan switch lever, the rubber wheels absorb a little glue to the transmission to take place sticky labels to the vacuum suction roller position, the claws off label switching off the mark to the conveyor belt mouth, use the label attached to the vacuum suction of the paper transfer belt into the labeling, the label attached to the bottle on the conveyor belt, to effect labeling. The labeling machine is easy to operate, saving glue, accurate labeling, flat, suitable for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, pesticide, chemical products cylindrical container glue labeling.


main technical parameter

1. Capacity ≤4500(b/h)
2. applicable label height 40-150mm
3. applicable label height 50-180mm
4. labeling precision ±1mm
5. voltage AC220V,50/60Hz
6. total power 1.2Kw
7. net weight 500kg
8. dimension 2000(L)×900(W)×1300(H)mm

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