Missible oil and aqueous emulsion workshop

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Water dispersible granule workshop

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Production line of dust - free powder packaging

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1. Have good physical condition and without bad habits ; 2. He who has been working in hardware and machine plant or in similar post for over two years is preferred; 3. Being hard-working and careful and conscientious in work;

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1.Service of guaranteeing to keep the product: the product has one year's guarantee with it from the day of being tested and qualified. In the guarantee period, the product's damage is not man-made, free repair. (Note: the wearing parts is not in the guarantee period). 2.Debugging service: the supplier is responsible for dispatching persons to debug and train worker in situ. After qualifying, the demand writes up the acceptance report. 3.Training service: the supplier and the demand friendly cooperate. The supplier dispatches the technicians to assist installation, debugging, after qualifying and during trial running, train the related operational persons till they can normally use the product and the machine can normally run. 4.Maintenance service: When the equipment has troubles which the demand can't resolve them through repair, the supplier should arrive in the scene within 24-48hours after receiving notice. 5.Lifelong service: after ending the guarantee period, we still offer the lifelong service, and provide preferentially paid wearing parts for you. 6.Parts' service: out of the guarantee period, we can provide in time the perfect parts service. 7.Acceptance delivering service: after the product is finished, per the user's need, the supplier notice the demand in advance to dispatch person going to supplier for acceptance, after qualifying to deliver. 8.Archive service: after carrying out the contract, the supplier is responsible for providing the product and its parts, operation sheet, conformity certificate, equipment's material report as well as the relevant information.

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Sanitizer Bottling Production Line   This production line is special designed for different kinds of sanitizer alcohol gel packing machine  Bottle unscramble  filling machine  Capping machine  Labeling machine  Printer  Carton packing system  Palletilizer 

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